Our People

The Uwana Energy team is lead by a group of young talented professionals who foster excellence and client satisfaction through years of experience in diverse fields.

Our Vision

To illuminate Nigeria with clean and affordable energy

Our History

Nigeria is the world’s second-largest off-grid market as there are approximately 88 million Nigerians living without access to constant electricity, with nearly 60% of those in rural areas.

Light Up Your World

Our systems allow Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) generate clean electricity while our technology provides an opportunity to monetize sunshine by investing in solar


Solar Installation & Maintenance

our engineering team offers a broad range of solar energy installation and maintenance options suitable for homes and businesses.


Pay-As-You-Go Solar

Owning a solar device has never been so convenient. With Uwana’s Pay-As-You-Go devices, more businesses are now able to access clean energy at an affordable rate.

solar kiosk

Solar Kiosk

We offer unique solar-powered kiosks for small businesses, enabling uninterrupted power for devices that power their basic business needs.