Smart Power Box


The smart power box is an inverter system that uses a mobile application for its scheduled payment/monthly instalment. The system is designed like the conventional inverter system but with some special extra features.

The system uses a mobile application so that the user can make payment for a period of time and the inverter is activated for the period of time paid for. The power box has a backup time of up to 8 hours and has a capacity of 500W, which can power most household gadgets. The system with a tamper proof device to prevent users from opening the enclosed box. The package comes with a solar panel for charging and an included feature of using electricity for charging when there is no sunlight. It also contains 4 DC bulb with the wires and switch. The smart power box has an inbuilt battery which is neatly package in an enclosed casing.

Components of the Smart Power Box

  • Battery lead acid (100Ah)
  • Charge controller
  • AC charger
  • Inverter
  • Control panel
  • Solar panel (150W)
  • DC bulb (4)
  • Lamp holder, wire and switch
smart power box

Explanation of Components of Product

  • Lead acid battery of 100Ah supplies a steady power of 1200 watt for an hour.
  • Charge controller 30A charge controller will control the charging and the discharging of the battery.
  • An external charger is added to the system to charge using NEPA.
  • 500-watt inverter is a big component of the system as its supply the AC output we need for our AC appliances.
  • Control system panel controls the whole system apart from charging. It controls the subscription, the communication of the system with the application through Bluetooth, activation and deactivation of the system.
  • Solar panel of 150W will be used to recharge the system.
  • Lamp holder, wire and switch will be used along with the bulbs for lightning.

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